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    Managing Assets - Adding  a range of Class C assets

      Utilizing Vulnerability Scanner 4.5, I attempt to add an asset to one of my organizations within Asset Management, I enter an IP range of - and click submit.  I get the following error msg...




      Is this product NOT scalable for this task?

      How would EPO assist?

      Is this a limitation or bug?


      Thank you for your help!



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          Hi Terry,


          I'm not sure what product you are asking about. This forum is for McAfee Vulnerability Manager formally Foundstone.  There has never been a 4.5 version of the product and our only currently support versions are 6.5.x,  6.7.x and 6.8.x.


          As far as what address ranges we support you can add anything you are licensed for. There is no limitation.


          Jeff Haynes

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            Thanks Jeff!


            I'm referring to McAfee Foundstone Enterprise 6.5





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              You are going to have to be more descriptive on what you are doing when you get this error before I can help you. Another option is for you to open up a support case so we can better assist you.


              Something to consider is that 6.5 is about to go EOL and there have been vast improvements in asset management in the 6.8 version of the product.  You might consider upgrading to 6.8 and see if you are still having the same issue.


              Jeff Haynes

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                I've just confirmed we are using version 6.8 and it was stood up 1 month ago.


                Here are the steps that I am taking...


                1. From the menu I select MANAGE
                2. ASSETS
                3. Click on a GROUP name
                4. Right-Click on SUB_GROUP name
                5. Select ADD asset
                6. ENTER IP range -

                I'm trying to create an asset report showing all devices within that IP range


                I have attached a srub-down jpeg.


                Thanks again for your help!

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                  Is there a reason why you are working with the Asset Groups to create this report? Unless you are trying to accomplish something that you haven't mentioned yet its not necessary. You can just go into report generation page and create an Asset Report with the range you need.


                  Jeff Haynes

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                    This is not an error message.  Please refer to the online help text provided with in the Enterprise Manager.  It clearly states:


                    Adding or removing multiple assets to or from a group can take several minutes because of the database changes that are being made. For this reason, when moving assets into an asset group, the number of assets you can move at once is roughly limited to a class C network.


                    You can move multiple class C's to a group at a single time if they belong to the same class B. By selecting the class B network in the left pane (192.168.*.*) the right pane shows the class C networks belonging to the class B.


                    You can select any (or all) of the entries in the table and choose Move to Group from the shortcut menu in the table. This will take several minutes to perform.


                    As Jeff mentions below...this is not related to generating a report.  The same IP Ranges can be added to the filter tab of the report template.

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                      Thank you both for your assistance!

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                        I'm sitting here reading this post, due to the fact that McAfee has completely stripped down functionality from the Manage Assets tab (and DBUtil).  In the past I could add more than a class C network.  There actually was a method to import a specially formatted excel sheet into DBUtil.  This would allow you to manage assets on a much larger scale, such as an actual enterprise network.  Now, I can **maybe** import a class C, if in fact the interface were the least bit user friendly/usable. (We have 4 class B networks).  I'm actually having our database people look into writing our own DBUtil that will actually work like it did before.  Why would McAfee just remove this functionality with no replacement?


                        McAfee moved to asset based reporting, but has made it near impossible to actually manage assets in a meaningful way.  We are a fairly large enterprise, and are being ignored when we submit feature requests.  Are others experiencing this problem?  Any suggestions on asset mgmt?  If we were an office with 2 or 3 class C networks this product would be great, but then we couldn't afford it.



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                          Rich you are correct, this is a big pain.  I want my scanning system to have proper groups for my assets by business division and location.  I've had to manually enter our class B networks one class C at a time.  What a huge waste of time and effort.  This is something that I don't see with other products and have to wonder why McAfee chose to do this.  I would spend more time on this, but I have 300 more class C networks to add to the system.