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    How do I deploy Agent Patch1 without a 'spare' repository?



      I work for an organisation that uses 4.5 ePo (latest patch), VC 8.7i (Patch 3), and Agent v3.6 (Eval branch), Agent v4.0 (previous branch), and Agent v4.5 (current branch).


      Soon Patch 1 will be out - how do I test this seeing that we have a critical need for the current three versions of McAfee Agents due to legacy systems that are mission critical?


      I'm told I can't have more than one version of a product in one branch so how do I do this/manage this or is it simply, not possible?


      I'm stumped..

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          Laszlo G

          You won't be able to have more than one McAfee Agent on each branch.


          But you can perhaps try this:


          - Download and check MA 4.5p1 into the previous branch

          - Create and download MA 4.5p1 installation package

          - Check again MA 4.0 into the previous branch


          Now you have changed nothing in your repository but you have a MA4.5p1 to be installed on the machines you want to make the test.

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            Also, depending on how widely you test - you can manually install Patch 1 over an existing agent using the framepkgupd.exe package, which will upgrade the agent in place, preserving the ePO server details - so you can have patch 1 in place without having to check it into the repository.

            Obviously this is a bit impractical if you're going to be testing on a large number of machines, though.


            HTH -