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    PowerPoint and McAfee problem

      I have a new Mac running 10.5.8 with Powerpoint 2008 for the Mac.  When I perform some operations in Powerpoint, I get the little colored spinning wheel that lasts for minutes.  I discovered if I turn off On-access Scan in McAfee that the action completes essentially instantly.  I have toggled the scan on and off and the problem only arises when the scan is on and ends as soon as I toggle the scans off.  Of course to make things fun, PowerPoint does not always have trouble, but when it does, turning off the scan in McAfee fixes it.


      This is intolerable.  Either Microsoft or McAfee changed something in the last few months in a security update or a definition. (I think there was no such problem at the end of Feb. 2010)   Since this is a business computer, I don't have the option to just quit McAfee, but if I could.....


      Anyone else experiencing this?



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          Peter M

          Dennis I think you need another area as the home products don't apply to a Mac.  What McAfee product are you referring to?


          I'll move it to the appropriate area for you once known.

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            I am not a product expert but I have moved your message to our Corporate VirusScan area for Macs. Hopefully someone can help you here.

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              Hi Dennis,


              To help replicate the issue, can you clarify the operations you are carying out in PowerPoint that trigger the spinning beachball?





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                I would love to tell you what PowerPoint thought it was doing when I got the wonder spinning ball, but I can't.  At least one time it happened when the message "converting file" appeared, presumably during an automatic save.  Sometimes it happens when I open a file, others, for no obvious reason.  Most of the time PowerPoint works just fine, but every so often it randomly decides to take forever. 


                In  every case that I've tried it, simply clicking the On-access Scan to OFF in  McAfee results in PowerPoint working immediately.


                The system here turns it back on after some time and PowerPoint continues to work just fine until the next time and so far there always seems to be a next time.  Yesterday, PP froze up at least 5 times.  (I discovered the McAfee on/off "solution" only after the 2nd and now just keep the  McAfee window up so I can quickly hit OFF and resume working.)

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                  OK - I have 10.5.8 running on a Mac mini with Office 2008. I've set Powerpoint to autosave every 1 minute and will see if I can replicate.


                  I've created a Powerpoint which is 13 slides in total and contains a mix of large and small images and a variety of transitions, etc. I've just updated to dat 5972 with VirusScan for Mac 9...


                  Haven't noticed anything initially, but I will continue to play with this setup.



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                    FWIW, on my Mac, Monday 5-3-2-10, the  problem happened several times, on Tuesday, not at all.  Whatever it is, it is not reliably broken, which always makes it harder to find the issue.



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                      I contacted the local McAfee contact about the problem he replied:



                      Yes this is what we are seeing also. We are investigating this problem and so far have not found a "smoking gun" other then if McAfee is off then the problem goes away (as you have also found). We have also seen this for Word (not a surprise). However, things are not consistent. Another person with the same machine same version of software doesn't have a problem.


                      Lucky me, since then, while PowerPoint has not frozen, but Word has.  The Activity monitor has the somewhat obvious note "Word not responding"  turning off the McAfee On-access Scan again clears up the  problem.  When I immediately turned the scan on again, Word again froze, but after another fun game of off and on, the problem disappeared ""til next time, if there is a next time".






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                        Thanks Dennis,


                        It seems to be one of those intermittent issues which are difficult to get a handle on. On my setup, I've used Word and Powerpoint but have not been able to reproduce the problem so far.


                        Have you opened a case with your McAfee contact? this would be the best way to take this forward.



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                          As you may have seen in one of the other threads, VirusScan for Mac 9.0 Patch 1 has been released. This resolves issues with delays whilst using Microsoft Office applications when the VirusScan on-access scanner is enabled.


                          If you haven't already, please install this version.