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    Any clues? Total Protection 2010 vanishes from "My Account", previous uninstalled McAFee product reappears but lapsed

      With my McAfee Security Center expiring on 3 April, in late March I bought Total Protection 2010, uninstalled Security Center and successfully downloaded and installed Total Protection 2010. I have endured all the usual joys of ownership of Total Protection 2010 (i.e. the failure to deliver the data protection and PC Optimisation functionality until a few days ago; the 5958 DAT file shambles, etc).


      On Sunday (which perhaps coincidentally was 30 days after the expiry date of the old product), TotalProtection 2010 vanishes from my machine, and is replaced by the old Security Center product and a warning that I am unprotected.

      Concurrently, "MyAccount" no longer shows me as having bought the TotalProtection 2010 product.


      Have others had this issue, and what is the solution?


      (my machine is a Dell, running XP Home. The old McAFee product came pre-installed with the machine but was properly uninstalled and then blitzed for good measure with MCPR.exe).


      Appreciate any input. Thanks.