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    External drive Taking over by Safeboot

      I got this new laptop and it has safeboot on it. I have been learning about safeboot as i go.


      So today i take my personal 1 TB hard drive, the one with all my backup images, data copied from old laptop, personal files etc...

      and connect it to this new laptop using the Estat port.


      Right away and without a popup or warning the hard drive access is constant. I knew something was up and then i find safeboot is encrypting the drive.

      This is my personal drive i just wanted to xfer the data from my old laptop. It say it has 18 hour to go.


      So what are my options. Will i be able to un encrypt this drive myself or is this now in the control of my company IT people.

      I know i could reformat, but of course i have near 1 TB of data will be lost.

      I guess they just bought me a new 1TB drive as i would need it to backup the data before reformat.

      I hope you will tell me i can undo this without much trouble.







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          Since you can still access data on that drive (and you will be when is connected to your company PC), you can make arrangements to transfer it to some other disk or a network share. USB attached drives will not have this problem, so if  you need to have portable drive that can be safely moved around, use USB HD.



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            Thanks for the reply.


            But that did not answer what i need to know.

            I know i can access the data still after it gets encrypted, but only on this PC i assume as it has not finished applying safeboot for me to find out.

            That is the problem this is my personal drive i did not want safeboot on it.


            How can i remove it. Is my only method to format the drive ? and this is a USB or Estat drive but the only PC that has a Estat connect is this PC that just put safeboot on it.

            So i hope that a USB format utility can access the drive still to format it. any ideas?


            Since this is a 1 TB drive i don't have anyplace with 1 TB space to copy this data too. That also is a problem and why i would like to be able to remove the safeboot from the drive and still have the data intact. Any ideas how that can be done.

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              Find out which logical drive is assigned to 1TB ESATA drive. Let say it is E:.

              Ask EEPC administrators to make drive E: in your machine object as NOT encrypted. Once they do that, force EEPC Sync to start decryption of your E: drive. Wait until done. Then you can remove it and use in other PCs.

              Don't use that ESATA drive on your company PC though. Use USB attached drives, they will not get encrypted. If your external drive has both options, use USB connection only.

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                "Don't use the estat drive on safeboot laptop" Ya, i found that out the hard way. I get a new laptop and no documentation on anything.


                Great , then it can be unencrypted.


                I was hoping to use the estat for the extra speed and none encryption for my VM's of the many different releases of the Software and OS i have to support as customers call in i can be looking at the same screen as i walk them through it. If I do it on a different PC, that PC can not talk to this laptop as the laptop is VPN and isolated from my home network. So i have to swap my screen with KVM, copy any info or screen shots to a thumb drive and move between or mail to myself. it is a pain.


                I will have to get a small 2.5'' estat hard drive holder and use my old laptop hard drive and let it encrypt it. i guess.



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                  Mike, Maybe your company WANT this drive to be encrypted? Maybe they think there's a chance you could leak sensitive data onto it?

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                    Yes, that is the case for sure. I have someone else controlling how i use this PC. It is like working with my hand tied behind my back.

                    I have never had these probelms in over 20 years with this company, but i can not work my best this way. Down the road i will remove all this so called protection and if they want to boot me they can.


                    We will see i have to look into my options. see how everything works. First i have to be able to restore my backup image before i can do anything.

                    I am afraid to do anything as i might damage something and not be able to restore.


                    I have to find the safetech or wintech CD some where or the drivers to add to a bartPE boot disk.

                    If you could point me to those.


                    I may have found version 7 but this PC has version 5 install on it.

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                      You are definitely on a wrong track (version 7?). You should work with your company IT team, explain what happened, get help in your case and mutual understanding what is the right process and what not. That will improve chances of not happening to you or someone else in the future.