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    Is quarantined trojan still on my hard drive?

      Mcafee Security Center recently quarantined a trojan called Exploit-Eleono.  This being reported in the SEcurityCenter logs.  My question is whether this trojan is still on my hard drive. Does SecurityCenter quarantine and remove the trojan?  Or is there something I have to do to remove/delete it?  When I look in the directory shown in the log file, I can't find the file being called out.


      Another question that could be unrelated, but I put the two together because this started happening immediately after this trojan was found.  I am now receiving emails on a daily basis advertising sex enhancing drugs.  These usually end up in the spam folder and are a minor annoyance, but I found one today that said it was from my own email address.  I certainly don't want people getting these emails and thinking they came from me. Could there be a virus on my computer that's sending these emails unbeknownst to me?



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          Peter M

          When it quarantines something it encrypts it, so it is still on your hard drive albeit disabled.


          You can remove it by opening SecurityCenter (right-click or double click the taskbar icon)


          2009 products... click Advanced view bottom left

          Click Restore left

          Click Files right   (going frommemory, sorry if I missed a step)

          Remove the files from there.


          2010 products


          Click Navigation at top right

          Click Quarantined and Trusted Items (below)

          You can remove them from the various sections there. (Click to expand)



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            Peter M

            Just noticed your other question, sorry.  It's late and I am tired.


            Boot to Safe Mode (tap F8 repeatedly while booting up)


            Go to your hard drive in Computer (My Computer in XP)

            Right-click it and select Scan.


            See if anything else is detected.


            You may still have some spyware onboard in which case try one of the tools listed here.