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    Help with Vista machine and 5958 issue

      I have a machine that uses Vista which is affected.  Where can I get help?  Lost its internet connection, usb ports not working.  All very similar to the mcafee issue, happened right after the mcafee updated.  I uninstalled mcafee, and I checked and the svchost.exe file is there.  How can I get assistance?

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          Peter M

          Are you sure it's 5958?  I ask because that update occurred 20/21 April.


          Assuming home products in use here.......Use the Automated Solution Tool
          IMPORTANT: if  you are using a wireless keyboard and can't get into Safe Mode, you will  need to use a keyboard that connects with a cable.

          1. From a working computer, download http://download.nai.com/products/mcafee-avert/tools/SDAT5958_EM.exe and save it to a removable media (eg: CDROM, floppy disk, flash drive).
          2. Start the affected computer in Safe Mode (When booting, press F8 and choose Safe Mode).
          3. Take the media with the new file and insert it into the affected  computer. 
          4. Open My Computer and double-click the removable media you  saved SDAT5958_EM.EXE to.
          5. Double-click the SDAT5958_EM.EXE tool.
          6. Click Next to begin the Wizard, then click Finish when prompted.
          7. Restart the computer normally.
          8. After the computer restarts, right-click the M icon and  manually check for an update to get the new DAT files.



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            The computer hadn't been working for several days by the time I got it.  Then I've had it for a few days.  They wanted me to wipe it, but if I can find a better solution that would work better.


            Like I said, I told them to uninstall mcaffee to see if that helped before sending it to me.  This they did.  There are still remnants of files in C:\Program Files\Mcafee I noticed.


            When I ran the executable you sent me, I got a registry item not found or permission error in line 17.   This probably due to Mcafee removal, I imagine.


            Did the program work or did it stop before the meat of the actual fix?


            I will test the functionality again.

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              Peter M

              Well if McAfee was uninstalled you would get a rejection as it's meant to be used when the software is still installed.  Run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links above.  Reboot and reinstall the software from the online account.

              Hopefully that will bypass this problem altogether.




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                Looks like everything is working much better.  Haven't reinstalled mcafee, but it now shuts down cleanly and it looks like networking is much better.  Can't test their dsl line, but I'm getting much further than I was before. 

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                  Peter M

                  That's good.  let's hope the euphoria lasts the weekend...;-)