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    corrupted safeboot install cant be removed

      installed safeboot v5.2.3 via network, rebooted and tried to synchronize and start the encryption. I was left with a blank eepc client status window and hitting the synchronize button did nothing. I had the admin push safeboot to the pc again and rebooted after 10 minutes (this method has been successful for us before) but was still left with a blank eepc client status window. the encryption never started so we had safeboot removed & rebooted for this pc. after trying this, the eepc icon is still on the taskbar and the client status window is still empty. i can boot into xp no problems and the safeboot login screen has never appeared once on startup since we started. after reading through this forum i tried to use the wintech cd to remove eepc. this was unsuccessful since the drive was really never encrypted and it gave me some error message.so i tried the restore the mbr and that too was unsuccessful. i tried to run from safe mode sbsetup -uninstall and keep getting the message "endpoint encryption boot protection is still enabled on this machine. the client can not be uninstalled while boot protection is still enabled" how can i completly remove safeboot from this pc?

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