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    Firewall security setting when connected through router

      I have a small home network (three computers) hard wired to a router that is connected to the internet. The router has an inbuilt firewall that has been enabled.

      To transfer files between the three computers I have set up the "connections" security tab of Mcafee firewall to Home on each computer and entered a range of IP addresses (IP address are assigned by the router). However the IP address of the router is included in this range.

      My first question is: - If the router firewall is breached would Mcafee firewall allow intrusions from the internet?


      I have noticed that Mcafee also shows another network which has been automatically added by a trusting network, this would appear to be my internet IP address I have set this protection to Public is this correct?


      Any advice on how best to set Mcafee firewall when connected through a router would be welcomed