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    Post-5958 issues: components missing, re-install McAfee

      After a week without network access, finally managed to restore svchost.exe. The Dutch helpdesk wasn't very helpful, last week all phone lines busy and no e-mail contact information was offered. Yesterday managed to get through to a tech who needed to consult a colleague and consequently cut me off the line. Over an hour waiting time at redial. Thanks to the updated Supertool on McAfee site managed to restore network access. Downloaded DAT updates but now I get alerts that my computer is not protected and I need to re-install McAfee. Please advise steps to do so. You will understand that I'm weary of last week's drama repeating itself. I am not into blaming anyone, just looking for advise. By the way, the techs in The Netherlands have no information about compensation in way of extending subscription. I am willing to stay if someone will advise what I need to do.

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          Sorry for cramming my message with too many issues. No need to try to contact Dutch tech support, they will enjoying a public holiday until Monday. Would simply appreciate advise on steps to re-install McAfee on my 5958 survivor pc when prompted to do so. "Components missing" is just a translation of the Dutch prompt, no sense bothering US techs with that. Just not aware how the US language prompt reads.

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            Ok so now tried Virtual Technician who abandoned the job after installation and examining my computer. Sent an e-mail in Dutch to the local tech support, which I didn't know one could do without having installed the Virtual Tech. With any hope, they will reply on Monday after the holidays. Still looking for the first McAfee employee to express any level of sympathy for a customer who has not been able to use their computer for over a week. Or is 5958 such an old issue that everyone has been instructed to ignore the famous max. 1% of customer base who supposedly were affected by the issue.

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              Over two weeks on since the abusive 5958 DAT update, I have received a number of helpful suggestions from community support Somer Pryon, and a disc from McAfee Ireland, which failed to be delivered yesterday since I was at work (I have a phone number to rearrange delivery sometime next week). I have been able to get online thanks to the 3rd supertool update by McAfee, but my pc is getting stuck in simple tasks and my internet connection is down to old-fashioned dial-up level. I have cleaned and defragmented my drive, re-installed Java and am running out of ideas short of buying new hardware. Just feeling there is fundamental unjustice done to us, the alleged 1% of McAfee customer base, just because we were too quick to download a software update that was supposed to protect us but instead disrupted our lives and caused immeasurable grief. And I am still waiting to hear from McAfee about any offers to compensate.