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    Waiting for email reply for Dat 5958 Issue SOLUTION #2 – McAfee Bootable ISO Image for Download (NEW)


      I still have several non critial systems that need repairs and I have submitted the form to request the ISO image, details quoted below.  Has anyone received a reply yet (do not post the download link), or should I just be more patient?  I have already waited 2-3 hours and have checked spam filters to ensure a reply wasn't stuck there.


      SOLUTION #2 – McAfee Bootable ISO Image for Download (NEW)

      If you have remote users and need to create your own bootable disk for distribution, you now can download the ISO image (135MB) to create a 5958 Recovery Tool disk.


      To obtain a copy of this image, please go to http://my.mcafee.com/forms/2010-0426_DAT5958BootDiskEULA and complete the information requested. McAfee will immediately email you the link to a ZIP package containing the ISO image (135MB). NOTE: McAfee will be tracking download click-throughs for licensing purposes.