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    Installing VSE 8.5 on EPO 4.5 server


      Are there any instructions/docs for how to install VSE 8.5i on the EPO 4.5 server itself?


      All I can find is that it's required by EPO 4.5 software and to not have it scan specific directories during the install.


      But there's nothing mentioning any other settings that can/should be changed (do you leave on-access scanning enabled, etc.)

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          To be honest, it's should not be any different installing VirusScan on a server with ePO installed than without.

          Where did you see it documented that it's required and that there were restrictions ?


          Just asking so I can take a look





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            Hey Rob,


            It's in the EPO 4.5 Install Guide, page 6, under the Security software Section


            Install and/or update the anti-virus software on the ePolicy Orchestrator server and scan
            for viruses.
            CAUTION: If running VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i or 8.7i on the system where you are installing
            ePolicy Orchestrator, you must ensure that the VSE Access Protection rules are disabled
            during the installation process, or the installation fails.

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              Hi there,


              That's just common sense, we don't actually enforce it through the ePO installation.

              In other words ePO won't be blocked from installing if VSE is not present first but if you are installing a server application that is about to control your entire AV deployment you'd probably want to be sure it was clean first 


              The access protection rules note is a good point though.