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    Mcafee protection problems


      Recently i posted a problem about My Mcafee protection and have not been answered.I was wondering if anyone understands my problems.About a week ago I noticed that I was not being protected when i log on to my computer.I first noticed the problem after a Mcafee update.I updated Mcafee and was greeted with a pop up screen that looked similiar to the 2010 version.The pop up stated to reboot.I thought that i was recieving the new Security center update that most of the custumers have started to recieve.When i logged back on i still had the 2009 version.I did`nt think much of it.Although i thought it was strange that i did`nt recieve the usual pop up i get when updateing my program.Since then When i logging on If i go into my windows 7 security center icon (flag in taskbar) it says windows reports Mcafee antivirus is turned off and windows reports windows & Mcafee firewall are turned off both in red!It will stay this way until i click on the Mcafee icon to open up security center.Mvt reports Mcafee is working??and Mcafee says i am Protected??But then why does windows say everthing is off  and i am not protected?

      The other thing is the action center Icon is not in taskbar until after i find it through search and open Mcafee.Can someone please help me with this.I am paying for protection and still fighting to recieve it.I don`t understand why there are so many problems all the time.I am just really frustrated with it all and would appreciate any help.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thank Jack

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          Are you still having problems? Try running the McAfee Virtual Technician and see what it may find today as to when you ran it on April 29. After MVT finishes it will have a session ID# Please post it here and contact Technical Support Chat. They can remotely connect in to your computer to see what is going on and have some tools that they could send if they find something to resolve your issue. You could also do the uninstall and reinstall because you may have some corruption somewhere. It may also be a case of some spyware/malware playing inside. More info about this can be found in the Security Awareness Community.

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            I'm going to bring this one back up again because I feel I have not received concrete answer on this.I will keep it short and add images for clarity.I recently again had to resinstall.I notice that when I log on it takes almost 5 minutes before windows security center says all is ok.Is this normal??I would'nt think so.But ...If anyone could answer this I would appreciate it.The images are below.


            mcafee firewall.JPG


            security center.JPG  This is the amount of time it takes before windows security is good.

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              Now for  my findings.Today after starting up my computer.I logged on & opened up spywareblaster.Spywareblaster had no firewall permission access.

              But when I opened it and clicked to check for updates.It waited a few seconds and went straight through the firewall.Stating there were no updates.Realizing this could not be a good thing I tried again.Same result.After the 3rd time I was finally greeted with a proper pop up asking if I wanted to allow full,outbound only or block.Could this be for real??Does this coincide with my findings in the above images?That there is a gap in protection that people are not aware of.So basically when you log on.You are not protected for the initial four to five minutes.Mvt shows nothing and I was able to update a program in that time frame with no pop up?


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                Just updating this old thread  in case anyone finds this in a search locking it now. All comments and testing now here