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    Removing EEPC in Safetech

      I had a machine start giving bad sector error messages on login before rebooting and I decided to removed endpoint encryption so that maybe I could repair the disk.  After initiating a Remove EEPC in Safetech, the status window stops at "Opening Disk Manager" I don't see hard disk activity.  Is this normal or has it frozen on me?

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          let me check something here, your disk was reporting bad sectors, indicating that it had already remapped around 10% of the storage invisibly using its internal algorithms, and had run out of space so it was finally reporting bad sectors to the OS, and you want the drive to go read/write EVERY sector on the disk and decrypt it?


          How do you think that's going to work out? ;-)


          I think you need to send your drive off for data recovery, then decrypt what they can recover, OR use WinTech to mount the drive on another machine and copy your data off it, before consigning the drive to the "circular file".



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