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    Defer Schedule Scan Dialog Box still not appearing - VSE 8.7i patch 3 and MA 4.5


      Can anyone else confirm that this issue has or has not been addressed? The VSE 8.7i patch 3 states that it has but I have been testing this on sevaral machines and do not seem to be prompted with the "defer" dialog box. I do get prompted to defer the ODS scan on the same host machine when running the MA 4.0 agent.




      Test Rig

      Host devices: Windows XP SP3 fully patched

      VSE 8.7i w/repost of patch 3

      MA 4.5 patch 0

      ePO 4.5 w/patch 1

      Latest extensions for both VSE 8.7i and MA 4.5

      • Issue: The user dialog box for the scan task option, User  may defer scheduled scans, did not appear when VirusScan 8.7i was  managed by the McAfee Agent 4.5. (Reference: 534348)
        Resolution: The VirusScan Statistics tray plug-in was updated  to include this same functionality from the VirusScan Statistics legacy  tray icon.


      Thanks in advance