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    Mskolplg.dll error in outlook 2007

      Hi guys, I appreciate your help in advance, hope to get a solutions for my problem.


      I am using office 2007 and Windows 7 (64 bit).  This morning I uninstalled the free trial McAfee antivirus software that came pre-installed with my new Sony Vaio notebook.

      Outlook was NOT opened when I did this. however, whenever I open outlook now I am getting an error message telling me that:


      Mskolplg.dll can't be loaded and has been disabled by outlook. It also asks me to contact the manufacturer for an update, if no update is available please uninstall the addin.


      I went to Outlook-->tools-->trust center-->Add-ins and there was no trace for any McAfee addin!!!


      Can someone PLEASE help me?? The above message appears whenever I open outlook now !!

      as I said I uninstalled McAfee completely, correctly and did a restart normally after that.


      error message attached

      Thanks again.