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    Virusscan V8.7i Another problem with autoupdate


      we got strange behaviours with the autoupdate process.

      We are using EPO 4.5 Server for fetching updates from McAfee into 3 different repositories. Two of them 1st named Lokales Update , 2nd named Lokales Update (Fallback) reside on W2k3 Server with IIS6 ftp service, the 3rd is a linux-based public reachable FTP-Server of our company.

      On about 50% of our client workstations (mostly XP SP2, some XP SP3) the autoupdate often ends seconds after start with a failure called 'In die INI-Datei konnte nicht geschrieben werden' (The Ini-File could not be written), if we use the repositories on the W2k3 Servers.

      Switching to the linux-based server will then run.

      This behaviour is randomly and changes from time to time.


      I attach a part of the updatelog; may be someone has any good ;-) suggestion?!


      If any further details are of any use please feel free to ask.


      Thank's in advance,



      Frank Marquardt

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          Attila Polinger



          Please read and follow article KB 58966 to make logging more detailed.


          Furthermore: does the error occur when you manually run Autoupdate task or also when Autoupdate runs on shcedule?



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            Sorry for not writing earlier, there's been another troubles...

            Ok, something that i found out is the following:

            VSE 8.7i PL3 on Windows XP Prof SP2/SP3 in a NT4 Domain will do a selfupdate under the following conditions:

            - no one is logged in or an administrative account (local admin rights) is logged in

            - restricted user (Poweruser) ist logged in and system is controlled by EPO Server

            - restricted user is logged in and update was routed via (standard-)gateway from ftp-server


            And now, the solution!!


            I discovered that the setting 'Use Internet Explorer Proxy Setting' in 'Edit Autoupdate Repository|Proxysettings' is the reason for the failure!!


            After setting it to 'Do not use proxy' everything is working fine now.


            Maybe the different automatic detections are to much: Internet Explorer uses 'Autodetect Proxy' and in the Automatic Proxy (Java-) Script is also a detection implemented.


            In Addition, that this behaviour didn't happens, if an administrative account or only the system account is logged in, is very strange... ;-)