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    Problem with autoupdate VirusScan 8.7i

      Hi all,


      I have had an on going problem for some time, out of approx 40 Dell PC's only about 10 will succesfully autoupdate.  The machines are running Windows XP with nothing else unusual installed.  We are not using EPO.


      I have attached an update log for reference.


      There is no difference between machines that work and don't work, some are even the same model bought and loaded at the same time.


      I have tried lots of solutions, reinstalling, registering DLL's, running MCPR tool, reinstalling agent, framework etc etc.


      Now running 8.7 Patch 3 but still the same problem.


      Has anyone got any suggestions please as this is really doing my head in!



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          Sorry also forget to mention I have spoken to McAfee previously, they remotely connected and I sent MER logs etc but it was not resolved.


          Also it will update correctly if I manually run the DAT file.



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            Attila Polinger



            there is a similar issue described in KB: https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB55461&actp=search&search id=1272455922747 although it does not seem to match your VSE version.


            I advise you to read KB 58966 and try one of the techniques described there to get more detailed status.


            You said you did not use ePO (for managing these PCs). Then I presume it is only AutoUpdate task that is scheduled to run. Is it true? When you say the update succeeds manually run, does it mean that AutoUpdate task fails when run scheduled and succeeds when run manually at any time?


            I also advise to leave log level on 8 after you perform this, it won't hurt your PCs and next time you'll have more info.



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              Hi there,


              Thanks for your reply.  I have already read that article thanks and tried the process but the registry key it mentions (szRollBackDATS) does not exist on our systems.



              Yes it is the update task that is scheduled to run, this does not work at the scheduled time or also if you try and run the task manually.  Even right clicking the V symbol and selecting update now produces the same result.  The only was to get it to work is to manually download the DAT file and then run it.


              Thanks again

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                Attila Polinger



                would you please check if you have the following file on those computers:


                Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\DB\McScript.log

                (you might need to enable View hidden files and folders in Explorer, first)


                If you do, then it might have output from the AutoUpdate task in parallel to the UpdateLog.txt in %DEFLOGDIR%. After you enable log level 8, this file will have more detailed output and status message than the UpdateLog.txt.


                This file is present on managed (i.e,. ePO controlled) computers, but I'm not sure if standalone VirusScan installations have this file, or not.



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                  Hi there,


                  I have enabled log level 8 and the file you mentioned does exist, I have attached a copy, and also one that says error.


                  Thanks for your time.

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                    Attila Polinger



                    sorry for the delay in reply.


                    there are quite a few exceptions that you've surely seen also in the detailed log. It's as if they'd happened while doing an query for Extra.DAT information. Other exceptions could be consequences of the first.


                    I would first check the version of McAfee Agent (interestingly, you wrote that you reinstalled it, while you stated you did not use ePO) to make sure it is the latest (if at all needed).

                    then I would uncheck the "Get other available updates (service packs, upgrades,etc. checkbox then separately download the latest superdat and first attempt to run AutoUpdate, then if it rejects the update again, apply the superdat (possibly reboot), then attempt to run AutoUpdate again.


                    I wonder if reinstalling VirusScan was last on the list of your efforts to fix the problem, or was it a different action and what actions were taken after the last reinstall of VirusScan for the same reason?



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                      Hi there,


                      Again thanks for your reply.

                      I have installed the latest agent to try and also tried different options on the check box.  A re-install of VirusScan was one of the last things I tried.


                      I am currently rebuilding a system from scratch and am going to test the update process at every step between installing software and hardware, will let you know the results.



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                        Hi again,


                        Sorry for the delay in my update.


                        After much testing I have resolved the issue, and it is not McAfee that is at fault.  The machines that were not updating were running an Internet restriction program, I had disabled this early on but it made no difference.  However after rebuilding a machine it appears McAfee will not update if this Internet restriction program is installed.  I have since spoken to the makers of the Internet restriction software and they have since provided a fix, so all is good.


                        Thank you for all your help, we got there in the end