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    blocking internet access


      Hi All,

      - My customer using Total Protection Service have 2 problems:

           + On the server 04: the clients can't communicate with Server which have McAfee with firewall, when they removed firewall then it's ok.

             + On the server01 is blocking the internet, so they have to block  the firewall because McAfee need internet to update products.

      - Anyone here have this issue before? and how to fix it? Thanks for your ideas!

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          You have to make rules on the firewall to pass your traffic.


          You can take an audit to see what it is blocking:

          $> acat -ake "type t_netprobe or event AUDIT_R_ACLDENY"


          Then try your traffic.  The audit will be written to your screen.


          If you get a netprobe, this means you do not have a service listening in a rule to pass this traffic (you don't have a rule for this traffic).

          If you get an ACL Deny, this means you DO have a rule with this service, but the traffic does not match the rule (some part of the rule besides the service, like source/dest. endpoints or even the Application Defenses, does not match).