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    Numerous custmer service sentiments expressed



      I've been participating in the above thread. Therein, along with a un/re install workaround for a problem stemming from the auto upgrad to the newest McAfee Total Protection package are numerous customer service sentiments I feel need to be addressed. I provide the link in order to conserve space.


      I sense a growing frustration with 2 customer service issues.


      1. Why did our XP computers auto upgrade to a product designed for Windows 7 that lacks the backup/restore functionality we paid for when we bought the program? and, how/when will bought and paid for functionality be returned to XP users?


      2. Why is there a lack of response or action from McAfee, beyond recommending a brute force un/re install, as a fix to the recurring problem on boot of a McAfee window (we must manually close) that opens up to inform us BACKUP/RESTORE has been removed.


      McAfee - Please address these problems with appropriate auto update fixes or at least information about when they'll be forthcoming soon.




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          Hi JosephK,


          Thank you for this valuable product feedback. I can assure you it is being communicated to the appropriate people.


          I've moved your post over to the Home General Discussion area since this is consumer product feedback.

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            Thank you and I look forward to substantial responses from the powers that be at McAfee regarding the issues.


            By the way, here's a quote from Ex_Brit (who is a VERY helpful chap) in the link I referred to:


            There's also support feedback here:  http://community.mcafee.com/community/home/consumer_support_feedback


            This doesn't seem to link to the "home general" area. There apears to be some  general confusion as to where members should  post comments related specifically to McAfee customer response, McAfee change management, and quality of McAfee customer service should go as opposed to where technical or product performance related issues should go. It would be nice to see the pathways for these kinds of issues more clearly differentiated on the forums web site.


            Thanks again.


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              No substantial responses yet from McAfee on the issues:


              1. lack of meaningful customer service response to the unannounced removal of Backup functionaliity from Licensed XP users.

              2. lack of a fix for removing the functionality as part of the automatic upgrade process that zapped it in the first place.

              3. lack of a fix for the recurring popup screen (on boot up) announcing McAfee Backup functionality was taken away without you being asked save for a brute force un/re install.


              While not the best place for the comments, the recent post from jjkineman in http://community.mcafee.com/message/128082#128082 raises important questions.


              One of the most thought provoking is this: HOW IS THIS POP-UP DIFFERENT FROM a VIRUS?


              I again ask McAfee, please address this issue with a user friendly fix via existing auto update functionality and return removed backup functionality that was paid for by XP users when we bought the product initially.



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                Thanks again for your feedback. Our product teams are very busy investigating these issues so that they can be accurately addressed.


                Please don't shoot the messenger.

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                  Hi April,

                  I have no desire to shoot anyone - please don't misunderstand my wanting to share my experience. I linked to others in the tech support thread who have experienced the same technical problems and also raised support issues because there was a distinct feeling of customer support related issues not being welcomed in the other forum.


                  That said, I noticed in the technical forum thread that a tier III McAfee support engineer named Mark now "owns" the problem. I appreciate anything you may have done to move this issue closer to a win/win resolution by sending it back to McAfee product engineers, managers and upper level support.


                  This is precicely the kind of response I always believed McAfee would apply to a vexing customer problem like mine.




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                    Just in case you missed my posts about the messaging issue please refer back to the original thread. I have posted a link to an FAQ that should resolve the popup message issue.


                    Here is the link if you want to jump directly to it.



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                      Thanks Mark, I just saw it in the other thread.My sincere thanks as well to the McAfee Dev team, April, Ex_Brit and everyone else who helped create this fix. It is good to be heard and even better to have the right thing done.


                      One question, does this quick fix simply stop the recurring popup or does it also re-establish functionality of Backup/Restore?

                      If it doesn't, maybe there's already something that will do that. Will you please forward a link for recovering that functionality if you have one.




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                        Peter M

                        It is simply to deal with the popup.  Backup and Restore is no longer in existence.

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                          Hey Ex_Brit,


                          I complement your economy with words. It is tremendous however unsatisfying your message may be.


                          Since "Home General Discussions" is the forum area I was directed to for customer satisfaction comments as opposed to technical issues, I would appreciate some substantial response from the policymakers at McAfee about the loss of functionality their customers have been subject to now that the technical issue has been resolved.


                          When we purchased our XP products, Backup/Restore was touted as a "feature" - regardless of whether or not we use it, customers have a right to expect advertised features to remain in what they purchased. Unilaterally removing advertised features from legally purchased user licenses is a questionable business practice.


                          How would you like it if the rear passenger windows of your car suddenly stopped rolling up and down because the vehicle manufacturer decided it didn't want to produce cars with operable rear windows anymore? Service providers like McAfee have a responsibility to customers, who bought suites of functionalities, to maintain the utility of the tools they sold. A prorated refund of some part of the fee I paid McAfee should be forthcoming. I doubt I'll ever see it but, a $15 coupon to XP users for a future McAfee purchases would go a long way.


                          This is bad business Ex_Brit and it has left a sour taste in the mouths of XP users.


                          First the Backup/Restore tool is unilaterally removed without announcement, is firewall protection next because, after all, routers have firewalls built in?




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