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    How to break the "Clienttask inheritance"




      how can I deactivate a global defined Clienttask in "System - Systemstructure - Clienttasks" for one special

      substructur folder (break the inheritance)? There is a column "status" for this special Clienttsask with the

      "active" entry, so that this Clienttask is active. And now I will set the "status" on "not active" for this special

      Clienttask, but this special Clienttask is used in other upper structure folders.


      There is in the "action" column the "modify" button. If I click on "modify" I see on the first page

      of the Clienttask-Generator an "inheritance"-checkbox which is activated. I am not sure to deactivate

      this check to reach the goal.



      Thanks for help and


      Greetings from Germany





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