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    Automated solution tool failed!!!   Now what?

      First thought it was a windows defender problem when the  defender 'failed to initialize' message came up, but then noticed a host of other major Windows errors, and the defender fixes failed .



      I then found out it was the new DAT file.  I couldn't do any of the fixes outlined...couldn't right click on the icon (non-responsive), couldn't start in safe mode ( did try the copy system root command), and even tried the sfc command (no help).  After >20 total hours on hold, inlcuding ~6.5 hours yesterday, was sent an email by the rep linking a file, which of course was the same file mentioned on the website.


      Drove to my office last night, put the exe program on a flash drive.   Thought everything would be ok, but this did not write on my home office computer.



      Am I forced to try and pull files off my drive and then wipe it clean and reinstall everything?   What a total disaster....I've been a McAfee customer form more than ten years....what do I do next?