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    Unable to do anything with 2010 McAfee Total Protection

      So, I've been having trouble with the 2010 McAfee Total Protection software.  When I first downloaded it, it was working perfectly.  No problems what so ever came up.  The next day, when I tried to turn on my computer, it began to start up, but it would stay on the loading screen (I have a Dell Inspirion Mini and it's the screen where it says "Windows XP" and the loading bar right under it) and doesn't go any further.  I had to restart my computer and use the "Last Known Good Configuration" or something along those lines to get it back up and running.  At first, I didn't think this was a problem associated with the Total Protection.  But after this happened, my Total Protection software wasn't working at all.  The site advisor that comes along with the software doesn't work anymore.  It stays on the "Unknown" gray color for every site.  I recently tried to run a scan, but an error pops up.



      Also, when I try to turn other parts of the software on, (the firewall, spam detector, etc.) they won't turn on.  I turn them on, but once I press the "X" button on the corner, it says that the software is off again.  I decided to uninstall Total Protection and reinstall it.  The download went perfectly normal, but once the computer had to restart, it stayed on the loading page again.  I tried using a system restore, but still nothing worked.  Does anyone have any solution to my problems?  Please don't hesistate to ask any more questions.


      Thank you,