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    windows 7 blue screen

      Mcafee gave warning message of no protection. Virtual technician advised to reinstall program but when I downloaded and tried to run the DM setup exe the blue screen pops up and shuts me dowm only to render me useless until the windows 7 repair program stumbles me through to start up in some kind of restored mode. I have had to totally remove mcafee and can't seem to reinstall it. I installed my old bit defender program but nothing shows on full scans. I want to reinstall mcafee but what can I do? Has anyone run into this before

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          Hi lucifersam

          Can you please provide some more information on the same like,

          How is the computer connected to internet ?
          Is your windows seven 64 bit or 32 bit ?
          Do you have any third party software installed ?

          Dinesh K

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            have the same problem here.


            when i will install mc afee with the newst updates then i become a bluescreen during the installation.

            when i install withouth the updates it works.


            my software mc afee total internet protection 2009

            my OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

            my Internet connection: W-lan


            hope i get some help.



            PS: my english is not the best, can i post in german, too?