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      Do I need to use IE8 smartscreen with my

      Mcafee products?  I have recently got rid of the annoying What's new on IE8 flash box and I have installed smartscreen I'm not sure if it is needed to run along side my Mcafee products and if so what over stuff new to IE8 or previous IEs should be disabled to save duplicating similar services to Mcafee?  I have windows defender as well.  How do I disable smartscreen if I need to?



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          Peter M

          If you have SiteAdvisor I suggest turning Smartscreen off in Tools.

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            Hello viva1,

            Smart Screen filter (an improved version of Phishing filter), is a feature added in Internet Explorer 8,  and is designed to help protect you from fraudulent websites trying to steal your personal information. If you have installed siteadvisor which will once again advise you regarding the safety of a website , there is no harm in disabling the smart screen  option .

            To disable Smart screen:


            Ø  Open Internet Explorer 8.

            Ø  Click on Tools (Menu Bar or Command Bar icon button)

            Ø  Click on Internet Options.
            Ø  Click on the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Security section.
            Ø  Uncheck the Enable SmartScreen Filter box, and click on OK. (See screenshot below below)

            Smart screen.JPG



            Dinesh K

            McAfee Online Community Moderator

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              I've now turned off the smartscreen setting. In my security centre it says that I have Mcafee Site Advisor installed but I can't seem to see any evidence of this working.  How can I test to see if it is working?

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                I still have no evidence of Site Advisor working although it is indicated that is is installed in Security Centre How can I test this?  Should Windows Defender be running, I'm assuming not alongside Mcafee how can I check this out and turn Defender off?

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                  Peter M

                  Have you enabled it in your browser add-ons?  There should be an icon in the top right if IE8 and bottom right if Firefox.


                  Click to the right of if for the settings and then you should get searches protected.


                  No need to disable Windows Defender although a McAfee installation usually does that automatically.

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                    Thanks for  your help Peter in my browser add in section I can see these in reference to Mcafee


                    Mcafee site advisor toolbar Disabled (0.23)

                    Mcafee Phishing filter        Disabled

                    Script Proxy                     Disabled

                    Mcafee Site advisor BHO   Disables (0.15s)


                    If I enable Mcafee Site advisor BHO or toolbar I get an extra toolbar with the site advisor function on it.I would prefer a small icon function to run site advisor in the background if it is possible.  Even with all this stuff disabled security centre says I'm fully secure no action required.

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                      Peter M

                      With it enabled you should, when unlocking the toolbars, be able to move it around to fit in with other toolbars.  In Firefox there are only two choices top or bottom toolbar.