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    McAfee Security Center conversion (upgrade?) to McAfee Antivirus Plus


      In October 2009 I installed on my XP Pro Notebook McAfee Security Center (MSC).

      In January 2010 I extended my McAfee subscription to 2 PCs and on my Vista Notebook installed MSC.


      Several weeks ago, after an update the MSC on the XP Pro PC was converted (upgraded?)into McAfee Antivirus Plus. Although my Vista PC has had an update since, it still has MSC. Can someone explain this, please. Many thanks!



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          MSC or McAfee SecurityCenter is merely a name for the user interface whereas AntiVirus Plus is the retail package of VirusScan, Firewall and SiteAdvisor Plus.


          You would have to check with Customer Service as to what products your subscription is for as we only deal with the technical side here.


          Customer Service for Germany:  http://service.mcafee.com/CustomerService.aspx?lc=1031&sg=CS&pt=1

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            It is a Dell computer and I periodically renewed the virus subscription.


            About a week ago, after routine update, the McAfee Security Center looked different and it showed the name "Anti-Virus Plus".  I thought this as latest name of the program.


            Computer became very slow, and I had to spend one hour, to do a 10 minutes job.


            I resorted to System Restore.  My old McAfee screen was back but with a truncated screen.  I could not see about 1/3rd of the screen on right side.  Only a very small part of the "OK" button could be seen.


            After diagnosis by virtual technician, I need to uninstall McAfee (by MCPR.exe or something like that) and reinstall the programme.


            But here is the catch.  I had only one month to redownload after renewal.  After removing the programme, I may be in a limbo, if I can't download again.


            In that case, I shall rather buy a non-McAfee product.  So much problem.





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              System restore only gets your machine back to where it was temporily as McAfee should immediately be updated  afterwards.


              Contact Technical Support Chat via the links under Useful Links at the top of the page.

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                I had the same problem. My original purchase was thru Dell and expanded capabilities were part of the package. I was relitively happy with the application (except it takes longer to do anything and it really slows down my system).


                anyway, earlier this year the application was changed to Virus scan plus. It was missing the tab for quick clean and other computer maintenance options. So I went to customer service chat to find out what was going on. I let them have control of my desktop and they looked around and did nothing but tell me "it's a known technical issue and was being worked on"


                after a few days I went back to service chat to find out the status. No progress was made on explaining the problem until it was "escalated". The second level guy said the Dell package contained more options. He uninstalled the new application and reinstalled the app where it said it was security center. Things were back to where I started but i was concerned another update might cause the same problem.


                I checked my account page and it now said I had two installations but only one license. So I went on another nightmare trip thru customer service chat. According to their records I had a license to virus scan plus not security center. I was finally transfered to a manager in Texas, she was even more in the dark then the service chat people.


                I must give credit to the tech support guy who re installed the old application. I had told him my internet access was thru ATT wireless (not 3G). I don't need to go into ATT short comings on 3G coverage....... Since he had control of my desktop, three times he clicked the repair connection. You don't do that when using ATT since it kills the application using the cell phone system breaking the internet connection. Had to tell him several times it's not a WiFi connection. IT took him 8 hours to complete the reinstall...... guess overtime easy to come by........


                While this is more of a rant then anything, I am totally disappointed in mcafee support and their inability to answer the simplest question. Each person seems to know only a small portion of their service protocal.............


                Final comment, the last guy I talked to said the Dell version is virus scan plus but uses the security center interface (it has a link to dell on it)

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                  Several years ago I bought, by itself,  retail the Security Center CD. It is installed on an Aopen machine that I built.   This one.  I love the Security Center.   I have build 9.15 and it updates regularly, I have it on auto update every year and and works well.   A couple of days ago I called McAfee and said I wanted another license for this  "exact same product", and they said "no problem, we can do" and I bought the download.   It is now called Antivirus plus and bears NO resemblance whatsoever to the security center. Stupid me for believing that hooey.  The dirt simple config buttons are all gone, as is all the maintain computer stuff and I am mad. They even called me back to reassure me "it's the same, but with a new GUI".      The GUI documentation is worse than abominable compared to Security Center.   I don't care if they say it's the same product with a new GUI.  Uh uh.   The GUI is a part of the product, eh?   The said it was exactly the same product & that is plain ol' BS.   The config menus are all gone. Can't find half the schedule functions and so on. They are NOT here.    I want Security center 9.15 thank you.   This is NO upgrade.



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                    PS my Security Center has no reference to DELL.

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                      misled - really sorry to inform you that, 9.15 version does not exist anymore, as you have mentioned below it's now been upgraded to a new version which is 10.5. We understand that you are facing difficulties in navigating with the new Security Center.


                      However, please let me know what are the challenges that you are facing with the new version so that I shall assist you accordingly. Thanks



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                        Well I am upset that your sales dept misled me, no, outright lied,  from  getgo by assuring me it was EXACTLY the same product like I asked  for.    The first words out of my mouth were "I want THIS product".    They said yeah sure....:-(   no.

                        https://community.mcafee.com/message/158467#158467    See these for  reference.

                        Anyone going from what I have to what you all sold me as "the same  product" would of course be bewildered.

                        Provide a guide that shows - exactly -  how to use the same Antivirus  plus functions that are in Security Center.   Are they in fact there?    ie for this SC function, do  this with AP.... I cannot even find the functions.   This is a miniature  nightmare.    The user docs are utterly horrible if they are supposed to  help someone transition from SC to AP.    I do not believe, period, that this is the  same product.     Plus there was some reference to this SC being DELL only.   No.   I bought it retail.   Mine says nothing anywhere about DELL.

                        Thanks for your help.


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                          AP may have the same engines and do them better.   But, I rue the day when my SC interface becomes this badly documented AP.

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