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    Lost vault, have some quessions


      i recently had to restart my computer from scratch and use the recovery disks.......my question that i have is if i have to download the vaults again, will the information that i put into it still be there

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          Hi hennessey ,

          The Password Vault has been removed from the new security suites. If you had passwords or other information stored in the Password Vault, and did not make a note of them before your upgrade, you can retrieve them using the Password Retrieval Tool.


          1. Download PvReader.exe from http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/PVReader.exe and save it to your desktop.
          2. Click Start, select Run, type CMD, and press Enter.
          3. In the command window type CD DESKTOP and press Enter.
          4. Type PVREADER.EXE MASTERPASSWORD PASSWORDS.TXT (where “MasterPassword” is the master password you used to unlock your McAfee Password Vault), then press Enter.

          If the McAfee Password Vault is present, and the master password is correct, all passwords stored in your McAfee Password Vault will be exported to a file named passwords.txt on your desktop.

          IMPORTANT: McAfee Password Vault is per user, which means each user has his or her own separate Password Vault which can be accessed only by that user. To export passwords from a different user you must log into the computer as that user.

          Kindly get back if you need any more information on this


          Dinesh K