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    Total Protection 2010 crippling network I/O?

      Like many others, I have spent much of the last 4 or 5 days trying to resolve issues since the 10.0 update. I think I've partiall isolated one of the problems with the new version.


      I'm running Vista 32 Ultimate with all updates installed. The first thing I noticed was that a music server application I use (SqueezeBox Server from Logitech) was unable to reliably stream to an external player, after working fine for years. After 3 chat sessions with Support (and over two hours of watching them flail around clueless on my PC) they have agreed to escalate to the dev team.


      Turning the firewall and on-demand scanning off has no effect, but uninstalling McAfee application immediately fixes the problem. Reinstalling makes the problem come back immediately.


      Today I realized that my backup application (EMC Retrospect client) is also running incredibly slowly. It usually backs up at 300-600MB/min, limited by the speed of the old XP box that runs the backup server. Today it was backing up at 6-12MB/min, meaning that an incremental backup of a few GB took 7 hours!


      As before, uninstalling McAfee eliminated the problem and got me back to ~400MB/min.


      There are two things in common with these two apps: significant OUTBOUND network traffic and they are both doing a lot of read-only file access. I suspect that the problem is on the network I/O side, and that any application trying to push significant outbound traffic will be effected.


      Anyone else seeing similar symptoms?


      I hope Engineering is working this weekend...



        • 1. A temporary workaround

          I have found a way to work around this problem while I wait for a fix from McAfee. I downloaded and installed the trial version of AVG, which is working fine and doesn't exhibit any of the issues described in the post above.


          In 29 days I will have to purchase or uninstall. Hopefully McAfee will have addressed the 10.0 mess by then. If not, I will buy AVG and wave goodbye to the unused year on my McAfee subscription.


          At least I can stop trying to troubleshoot this thing for a while and get some work done....



          • 2. Re: A temporary workaround

            That is what I did to, but I am using AVG free version. McAfee it is a total piece of garbagge. I am sure a class action lawsuit will flurish soor or later. This product is a TOTAL rip off. In times when companies are in dire need of customers. McAfee is loosing or will loose a lot of them.

            • 3. Re: A temporary workaround

              Actually, I think I came across another thread that refers to the same problem, and it dates back to January. http://community.mcafee.com/thread/20508?start=0&tstart=0


              If you read to the end of the thread, it says that a bug fix update scheduled for release yesterday should supposedly fix the problem. That is (potentially) good news. It's sad that the three tech support folks who wandered around my PC for 2 hours last week (including 2 supposedly Tier 2 techs) had no idea this problem had already been identified.


              I'm also quite impressed with my initial experience of the AVG product, which isn't helping the case for reinstalling McAfee...



              • 4. Problem has been fixed

                Since I complained about this problem with the new 10.0 version, I guess I'm obligated to close the thread by reporting that the problem was fixed in the update a couple of days ago.  Program I/O speeds appear to be back to normal.


                Thanks to the McAfee team for fixing the problem quickly.