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    Help Please Laptop Computer Mostly Inoperable with Virus

      I purchased the McAffee Total Protection Plan a few weeks ago and now my computer has been completely hijacked by some type of virus.  I took my computer to Best Buy and they want $200 to clean it.  I downloaded the McAfee Stinger onto a flash drive and it doesn't pick up a virus.  My computer is definitely behaving like it has a virus and I can't get on the Internet with it.  The antivirus won't run on the laptop and neither will Internet Explorer.  It won't connect to the Internet and the only things that will work are non-essential to operating the computer.  I'm running XP with Service Pack 3 on a Dell Inspiron 1525.  The Geek Squad didn't think there is anything physically wrong with the laptop.  I am getting an error message saying the a wireless dll isn't registering.  I've tried everything in Safe Mode with the same results.  It won't run the Dell support center software either.  Right now I'm regretting my McAffee purchase.  I thought about calling McAfee but says they charge support calls.  I'm sending this from my desktop.  Does anyone have any suggestions?