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    Does anyone care that McAfee robbed us of the offline backup & restore?

      I read several discussions on the anoying popu and on Windows 7 but the fact is that McAfee just remove the offline Backup & restore even for XP users. What's more it was done through the automatic update in broad daylight. Hope ypu have the time to read through so you'll know where McAfee got to being a large and satisfied company.


      So I got ****** off by the above and contacted technical support chat who said: 


      Jijin (11:42:07):
      I really sorry to say this. The data backup facility is not availabe with your latest version of McAfee. All other protection features will be same.


      Well should that be a fact of life:


      So I contacted customer support who said it was a technical issue (they don't even know what happens to the PRODUCT, how can they provide customer support?). So I got a  seemingly encouraging email:


      Hi Noam,


      This is Raul from McAfee Antivirus Systems Support; with a follow-up for the service request number 484570-492344846 handled by our Technician Jijin. This is to check whether your issue with McAfee product has been resolved. Please reply to this mail if the issue is resolved.


      If unresolved, please contact us back through the chat link with reference number 484570-492344846 and we will be checking the status of the issue and would escalate it to the next level if unable to resolve it.


      McAfee Forever On-Guard Reach us anytime through McAfee Customer Service Online Chat  Support 24 hours and 7 days a week.







      Home & Home Office Security Support

      McAfee, Inc.


      Excellent. Clicked the link only to get a customer support chat representative transfering me again to a technical one who again went through all the motions of taking control of my computer (installing the online backup & shredder without my permission) and ending with:


      Dalia (13:17:59):
      Noam, now the McAfee products are upgraded to new version, it is not including the feature Backup and Restore, it contain a new feature McAfee Online Backup.
      Dalia (13:18:09):
      You can use that McAfee Online Backup feature.
      Dalia (13:18:13):
      Noam, is there anything else that I can help you with McAfee products today?


      No escalation (that was promised) or resolution. So the bottom line: BEWARE - McAfee can take away features that you paid for and you have nothing to do (except choosing another product).