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    Network Manager: inconsistent device identification and status


      I run 3 laptops, a desktop and a print server in my wireless private network (Dsl router). After installing the new version (2010) of McAfee Internet Security I had a look at the Network Manager to make sure everything was under control (PCs identified and protected). With the previous version I was used to get a clear and reliable view of the network components. With the new one I have the feeling I am facing a slot machine: The Network Manager displays 6 icons, which is correct. The first 2 icons (Router with status "online" and local computer with status "protected") are correctly identified. The remaining 4 icons are simply unpredictable:


      1 - Device identification: each PC has a name (say PC1, PC2, ...) and an IP. Most of the time only the IP is displayed but from time to time the name of the PC shows up for a while. As far as the print server is concerned, I had to enter a name and a device type but each time I start the computer again, these definitions are no longer available.


      2 - Device status: The devices which do not run McAfee Internet Security (one laptop and the print server) are sometimes misleadingly marked "offline", then "online" again and so on... The other PCs are (randomly?) marked "unknown" or "protected".


      In the end, it is quite impossible to get a reliable picture of the network.I wish I could install the old version again!


      Any ideas, suggestions, circumventions are welcome.

      Thanks in advance and best regards