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    Real-time scanning will not turn on for Win XP

      I have a problem which has been going on for a few days now with my Mcafee Internet Security package.  Since Thursday evening when I log on to my XP desktop I get a big red splash screen saying that my computer is at risk.  When I open the McAfee Security Centre window it tells me that Real-Tinme Scanning is off so I click the tab Turn On.  It initially tells me that I am fully protected and goes green but within a matter of seconds it goes red again and Real-Time scanning is off.  I uninstalled and reinstalled my package last night, performed a full system scan in safe mode this morning where it found 6 issues within the cookies but were fixed by McAfee.  I turned on Real-Time Scanning again but within a matter of seconds it goes red again.  I am currently running the Windows Malicious Software removal tool while I posting this from my laptop but don't expect to find anything.  I will also run the McAfee Virtual technician and see what comes up there (if anything).  In the meantime, can anyone shed any light on how to resolve this.  I have read on a posting on the McAfee forum to download KB976264, reboot and check for any McAfee updates but this was for W7.  Can anyone help as this has been a real problem and, like other users, am seriously looking to leave McAfee and download AVG.  If everyone did this then what would McAfee do?

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          Please provide some information about your computer so that we may help you:



          Did you previously had any security software installed?

          How do you connect to the internet?

          Did you recently install any new software programs?

          Are you running any registry cleaners?

          What do you use as a web browser?

          What is your Windows Service Pack?


          Please run the McAfee Virtual Technician and post the session id


          Thank You


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            I have managed to rectify the problem in the end by uninstalling and reinstalling my package.  I tried to run the MVT tool but would not install as it said that Administrator policies weren't in place to install.  However, the following was carried out:


            Control Panel - Add/Remove programs - Removed McAfee


            Ran McAfee cleanup removal tool


            Manually removed further evidence of McAfee in Program files and Registry


            Switched on Windows Firewall and reinstalled package from my account


            McAfee finally installed and computer protected


            This should have been something that McAfee should have advised rather than letting the customer spend all day doing themselves only to find there was a conflict with the old version NOT fully uninstalling when the new upgraded version was installed.  Thanks McAfee - for nothing!!!