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    I am new at forums and need some help: Microsoft JScript runtime error '800a01a8' at installing Mcafee

      Please need some help, I just reinstalled Windows XP Home edition on my pc and after installing the service pack 3 and the needed windows updates I wanted install my Mcafee Total protection programm. I downloaded it from my Mcafee account and it started even to install but the msg showed up that "Installation incomplete"

      and after running the Mcafee technician the msg was showed up:


      Microsoft JScript runtime error '800a01a8'


      I got basically nothing installed yet on my PC so don't know what is the problem. (I installed the newest JAVA they got on the website)

      I got cable internet just in case if its important.

      Guys please waiting for some quick help, without mcafee I don't want to download anything from the net.

      Thx a lot.