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    Total Protection

      I am extremely upset since the upgrade of the total protection security center. My computer wouldn't do anything I have Windows xp sp3 and I could only have wished for a contact from McAfee right after they released a bad update! My computer prompted me to do a system restore which after trying everything else had no choice but do. So now I'm having to install all my programs and a few of them says I can't use them on 2 computers! I still am unable to reinstall McAfee on this computer (and actually am afraid to!) I had just renewed for another year a few weeks ago ironically.


      Then yesterday I read an on the Microsoft website (which I lived at wed. with all the updating and upgrading I had to do!) that they had a false positive on one of the data files......

      I am so upset with McAfee right now and very very disappointed with them and will be demanding a refund from my recent subscription renewal.