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    Installing additional EPO server - good idea ?

      Our domain contains 1 (one) EPO 4.0 server serving clients running agent 4.5.

      I have decided to install a second EPO 4.0 server in case the current one becomes unavailable or offline.

      Would the existing groups, tasks, policies, settings be propagated to the second new EPO server ?

      AND If the original EPO server fails, would clients automatically connect to the second server or do I need to Redeploy

      agents to all clients ?

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          you would need to redeploy clients.

          policies may be able to be shared with the sharing feature in epo 4.5.

          i think it would be a big hassle.

          you can look at adding an agent handler maybe to have some redundancy, and know that if the epo server fails, it would keep it's current policies and prrobably get dat updates from mcafee assuming you set it up that way.