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    Accessing customer related issues as a partner / reseller


      Background: most of our customers don't deal with McAfee / SCC support directly and instead (prefer to) contact us and let us deal with McAfee / SCC support (they even don't want to get phone calls from the vendor).


      Back in the days of Secure Computing it was pretty easy to login and get an overview of all the different support issues regarding different customers and to open a ticket on behalf of a customer with the only required information being the serial number.

      Nowadays you have to be lucky to

      1. have the grant number available and

      2. have a number of secondary email addresses to register (at least for me registering different grant numbers using the same email fails)


      Another problem is checking the support status of a product.

      Back in the SCC days there was a nice web form where you entered the serial number and got an info regarding the support status.


      Can we please have (at least part of) the functionality back?