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    EEPC 5.1.7 [db000012] The group could not be found

      Good afternoon all,


      I am running into a [db000012] error on several machines.


      I populate the machine and user groups prior to encryption. An install set exectuable is then run for an online installation. Everything appears to be fine but then when it starts to synch later in the day (or even days later) this error comes up. A few of the machines with this error were re-imaged and then encrypted and the error goes away but it takes too much time.


      I am not using an AD Connector and the machine groups that the install sets were created from have not been moved, renamed, or deleted. The only change is that users are added to the users group that has access to the machines being encrypted. Each user group has less than 100 users (some much, much less) and there are only 30 user groups and 30 machine groups with a total of 250 Win XP machines and 325 users.


      I have used telnet to make sure that the machine can connect on the appropriate port to the server.


      Server side audit logs are either empty or empty for the day that the problem appears.


      Typical read out from the SbclientLog.txt:


      Starting synchronization

      4/20/2010 11:02:59 AM          Connecting to database: "EEM"

      4/20/2010 11:02:59 AM          Address=

      4/20/2010 11:02:59 AM          Port=5555

      4/20/2010 11:02:59 AM          Authenticate=No

      4/20/2010 11:03:01 AM          Starting boot protection installation

      4/20/2010 11:03:32 AM          Machine name = WILSON-LAPTOP-45

      4/20/2010 11:03:41 AM          Creating new machine database entry

      4/20/2010 11:03:41 AM          Group ID=00000020

      4/20/2010 11:03:42 AM          Error [db000012]: The group could not be found

      4/20/2010 11:03:46 AM          Applying configuration

      4/20/2010 11:03:47 AM          Synchronization complete

      4/20/2010 11:04:42 AM          Starting synchronization


      Synch is set to every 480 minutes, allow local resynchronization, synchroniza time with database, and allow remote controlled resynchronization Port 5556.


      Thanks for any and all help.


      The most recent change on my side is that I was given new equipment and had to reinstall EEM. I may have named it differently in the description than what was used before.




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