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    EEM 5.2.4 -Administer by groups listed options issue for level 32 acct

      Has anyone seen issue with not being able to add any groups to allow certain admin groups to administer listed groups. We have multiple locations admin groups and we use the option to administer by listed groups to limit what they can see and administer. In trying to add new groups to admin group I get "insufficient privilege level" error. I am able to remove groups from access but not add. This is using the master 32 level accounts (tried both of this level accounts we have). This is a major issue for us. I know that 5.2.3 had a bug which escalated privilege of the restricted admin groups accounts and 5.2.4 was to fix this. Point to add. The mangement console was updated from 5.1.2 to 5.2.4. It was workign fine in 5.1 version.