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    Very, Very slow access through web gateway

      Scenario is this


      100Mbit internet connection


      About 3000 clients who simply connect on port 9090 to browse the web


      There's no authentication in place, and default policy used which is pretty basic.


      At peak period (lunchime) the system is unusable. A speedtesting website (I know these aren't reliable, but it gives an indication) was showing downstream of .75mbit

      As the load reduces the speed picks up, but still not good enough.


      If I bypass the  webwasher (so, same firewalls internet connection etc) the same speedtest reports 98Mbit and response is excellent. So the internet pipe itself is not to blame.



      We see a constant 40-50 proxy requests a sec


      CPU is about 40%


      Memory utilisation is 1.9GB


      swap utilisation is 5.9GB (!)


      network utilisation about 1.3 MB/s


      Any ideas anyone?

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