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    McAfee Endpoint Encryption Fatal Error 0xEE0200001 on Toshiba Portégé A600-122

      First: Sorry for my bad english, i am from germany


      i have an problem with Endpoint Encryption. We have two different typs of notebooks, Toshiba Satellite Pro P300 and Toshiba Portégé A600-122. Both types get the same policies, the P300 works fine, but the Portégé A600 means after loading the bios:


      McAfee Endpoint Encryption Fatal Error:



      I think the code means: "Error reading disk sector".


      After getting the error first time on one noebook i installed windows new. But after installing EndpointEncryption and encryp the harddisk on this notebbok, i get the error message again. Two other Notebooks of the same typ have the same problem, thats the cause i think its no hardware-error, all our Portégé A600 have the problem....


      Have anyone an idea what i can do now?