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    Determine why EPO client task fails to run

      Hello there,


      I having some issues getting client tasks to run (a weekly full scan) using epo 4.5.1 and vse 8.7

      What is the best method for determining why client tasks fail to execute on certain clients.


      I run tests using a small group of 4 workstations but I always seem to get inconsistent results.

      ie sometimes they run sometimes they dont.Also I always wake up the agents and push out the latest policies prior to the scheduled tasks run time but still i never have 100% success rate.This occurs even when the last comunications between agents and epos are up to the minute.


      If the agent is communicating with the epo server then the latest policies should be downloaded and the client task should be activated.

      What is the best approach to determine why these tasks are failing to run on some clients.


      Many thanks

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          You would need to look at the local agent log (in txt form, not xml) to see what happened to the task.

          You should be able to search the log for the task by it's given name in the ePO console to see where it starts and if then there's any errors.

          If you don't see it at all then either the logs don't cover the timeframe or the task never started.


          Logs can be a bit cryptic though as multiple threads are recorded in real time.





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            monitor it


            http://<name of Workstation>:8081

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              Hi Rob, thanks for the feedback


              When the scan runs on the client the details show up in the log but otherwise its empty.

              It seems as though not all clients in a group are picking up the client task assigned to them.

              I see some clients showing the (managed) task in the virusscan console but others do not.

              What would be some troubleshooting steps i could take to see why a client does not pickup the task

              and does not show the managed task in the clients virusscan console.


              Many thanks

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                One thing to bear in mind is that the ability to show or hide ePO tasks in the local VirusScan console can be controlled by ePO policy here:


                VSE 8.7 User-Interface policy (Make sure you choose for Workstation or Server at the top)

                Display Options - Console Options - "Display Managed Tasks in the client console"


                Perhaps some machines have this unticked ?


                Otherwise make sure the task exists for each machine in the ePO directory tree (under client tasks). If it does then the task should be sent.

                However only enabled tasks will actually run, and some task types do only run once ('Run immediately' for example).


                Locally you will find a bunch of .ini files that represent all the tasks recived (enabled and disabled).

                Normally this will be in the user profiles folder: \all users\application data\mcafee\common framework\task

                ePO tasks look something like 21.ini

                Locally configured tasks look something like {A13VRT-358R795............................}.ini


                These are just text files, so can can take a peek to see if your tasks have been recieved, and see if they are considered enabled or disabled.


                Otherwise it's useful to follow the task flow through the agent log.

                Other useful logs are the mcscript.log - for update tasks and the ondemandscanlog.txt for on-demand scans.


                Successful execution of tasks often send events back to ePO that can be queried on too.


                Hopefully this will arm you with some tools to go hunting with





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                  Great, thanks for the additional info, though Id alrady implemented the top half of your suggestions.

                  Ill have to dig a little deeper into the log files on the client and watch the communication dialog between client and server.

                  Thanks again

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                    I have a similar problem.  The weekly scan task shows in the console and the ini files exist.  What I am getting is "Authentication failed".

                    I am using the Domain Adminstrator user name and password and have re-entered it in case it was a typo.

                    What I want to do is to run the task now instead of waiting for the scheduled time.

                    Is there another policy that I need to alter to be able to do this? the schedule is greyed out at the moment even if I unlock the user console.