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      This will be my first and last post here on your community forums.


      Due to your colossal screw up this week I have now uninstalled my McAfee anti-virus and will never look back.


      I know that this disrupted the lives of thousands of people this week but I would like to share my story.


      I am a student at a large state university. Most of the computers run XP and McAfee (probably due to some contract). In addition to that all students are provided with free McAfee anti-virus for their home computers as well if they are a student. Every possible computer related task came to a screeching halt at the university. This includes but is definitely not limited to :  Presentations, research sessions, research via computer, studies, papers, etc.. On top of that any student that had this disastrous combo at home also had the privilege of manually fixing it.


      Now I understand a lot of peopel experienced this on a similar, lesser, or even greater level. The point I make is that this is completely unacceptable.


      I hope you go bankrupt. This is a colossal fail.