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    Update and security questions


      I have 2 concerns today.First i will start with the most important 1.Over the last few days i noticed When i log on,my action center flag icon is not in my task bar.I am running Windows 7, 64 by the way.I have it set to show.So i hit search and typed in Action center.It opened up and said that my Mcafee and my firewall were not turned on.I have never seen this before.When i opened up Mcafee it said i was protected.After exiting all was ok with action center again??This happened again today,& i am wondering if something is wrong.Also when i did a computer check through my dell site it said (no anti virus found) How cood this be if Security center says it`s good?I also ran a MVT which came up with nothing.My second thing is today i had a pop up saying to do an update.It had a scroll down button for more info.The update looked to be of the new Mcafee 2010 version,which i have not been updated to yet.After doing the update nothing happened.It said i was up to date.Does anyone also know the answer to this.                                                                 Thanks Jack

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          Hi again,

          Is anyone familiar with this problem?I agian had this problem when logging on today.I let the computer sit a few minutes and my action center icon (Windows 7) never appeared.I opened start menu & typed in action center.When action center opens up both my firewall and antivirus are in Red.Soon after opening up Mcafee the icon appears and the problem clears up.This is a big concern for me.According to my computer i am unprotected when it starts up and for as long as i dont open up my Mcafee security center.When i go to my dell acount to check my system out

          under( windows firewall ) it says it`s off and says no antivirus has been found.According to MVT everything is OK.Can anyone clarify this problem for me?I would appreciate any thoughts.

          Also curious about yesterdays Mcafee update posted above.                                               Thanks Jack

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            Hi, Jack:


            Long time, no see.

            I run W7 64 and I might have an idea for your first problem.

            Sometimes the icons in the new W7 "system tray" hide themselves, despite being set for "show icon and notifications". I've experienced this w/my spam filter app (a known bug).

            Try this:

            Click the little "up" arrow on the left side of your visible icons. Check to be sure the little flag isn't among the hidden icons -- if it is, drag it back down to the system tray.

            If it isn't there, click "customize".

            When the interface opens, scroll down to "Action Center" and make sure that "show icon and notifications" is selected from the dropdown menu.

            (And I assume you need to be logged in to an account with administrator privileges to make this "stick".)


            Perhaps you already tried this, but it's all I can think of.


            As for the McAfee debacle, well, I'm just thanking my lucky stars I no longer have XP, that I have McAfee Updater set *NOT* to install anything without my permission, and that my computer was powered off entirely when it hit the fan the other day. (And, thankfully, I haven't received the 2010 versions, yet, either.)

            That said, I can't imagine what the other users are going through.

            My employer still depends on XP for their work machines, but thankfully their enterprise security isn't McAfee -- otherwise our entire med school and grad school and hospital system would have crashed!

            I've been procrastinating a bit on moving to another security vendor, but this might be the "prompt" I need to do so.


            Hope you get fixed soon!



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              Hi Moxiemomma,

              Thanks for replying.That is`nt my real concern.Although thanks for trying to help me.My real concern is a security issue.When i log in and the flag is not on my desktop. I open start menu and type it in.When it opens the windows action center says In RED antivirus and firewall turned off.Again another Mcafee custumer wondering why would i not be protected when logging in?Or so that is how it appears.I am not even sure i want any part of 2010 myself.I am still haveing issues with 2009.I like the Basic Mcafee product (i did pay for it)so there must be something i liked about it.I guess it`s frustrating when there seems to be problems every month.I will hope i can recieve an answer from another member i guess.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thanks Jack

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                If anyone knows the answer to this please let me know.I am useing Windows 7.Windows 7 Action center says i am unprotected when logging in.It stays this way for as long as i am on my computer until i open up Mcafee.Mcafee says i am protected and MVT found nothing.



                                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you Newjack

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                  Hi, Jack:


                  It sounds as if perhaps you might not have M configured to load active protection upon Windows startup?

                  (IOW are you having to start the active protection "manually"?)


                  I still haven't received the "2010" versions (and am not looking forward to it at all!), so I don't know how to configure the settings, but I know that in the "2009" versions there is a box to check on one of the "advanced" user interfaces to do this.

                  But it sounds as if there's a problem w/M integrating w/the Windows "Security Center".  My M was "OEM" on both my Vista and 7 systems (no user installation or upgrade) and runs fine.

                  Perhaps something got out of whack when you upgraded, eh?

                  Or a conflict with another security app (or traces thereof)?

                  (FWIW, I run MBAM Pro v.1.45 on both my systems that use McAfee (*and* on my W7 Pro (32) laptop running Webroot ISE).  I have no problem with the MBAM active protection module conflicting with McAfee.  However, I do take the following "extra" steps to prevent conflicts: 1) I do have McAfee configured to load at startup, but I do *not* have MBAM configured to load at Windows startup (I start it manually after ~1 min); and 2) I disable the MBAM active protection module when d/l and installing McAfee updates.  I'm sure all heck will break loose when or if I ever receive the 2010 version updates, since McAfee doesn't warn the user that the day's "update" is the actual version update until it's too far along in the process to be helpful, in terms of disabling or uninstalling other security apps.  But, so far, I've not had any problems with M on the W7 (64) system, "2009" versions/.)


                  Perhaps Peacekeeper or ExBrit or one of the McAfee mods can help you out w/this.



                  Sorry I couldn't help.

                  Hope you get it fixed soon!



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                    Hi Moxiemomma,I am not sure what is going on.I still have 2009 Mcafee also.I am not sure that is a bad thing either right now.I just noticed this problem about a week ago.I have everything set up correctly as far as i know.My computer came with windows defender,which has active protection.But not sure if that is supposed to be off.I also was considering getting the paid version of Malwarebytes.This is a great program as a second security measure.I did go into services and noticed my Mcafee system gaurd was set to manual.I changed it to automatic which is how it was originally i believe.Not sure that`s my problem or why it was even changed .While i wait to see if anyone else checks in,how does Malwarebytes play with Mcafee?I have the free version and i like it.You can`t use the active protection on Malwarebytes with Mcafee?

                                                                                                                                                             Thanks for trying,Appreciate your thoughts


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                      Hi, Jack:


                      I'm pretty sure Windows Defender should be turned off when using McAfee real-time protection.

                      Perhaps that might fix your problem with McAfee?


                      As for MBAM, the "full", "paid", "PRO" version plays fine with McAfee on my Vista Ult SP2 (32) and my W7 Ult (64) systems (and with Webroot ISE on my W7 Pro (32) laptop).

                      THEORETICALLY, you **can** configure the MBAM active protection module to load at Windows startup on either Vista or W7, b/c it won't actually load soon enough to conflict with your security suite or other programs.

                      IN PRACTICE, it can be a bit glitchy, but the only issues arise when both programs try to load at Windows startup (boot).

                      I never botthered to "test" the situation on this new computer b/c I  had run into the startup issues on my other W7 system (albeit one that  runs Webroot, which rarely plays well with others).

                      So, you can try it and see what happens - it's just a matter of checking/unchecking a box in one of the setup menus.  You might not have any  problems at all.


                      Once the computer has booted & McAfee is up and running, MBAM Pro plays fine, and you can keep the active protection module enabled alongside McAfee.  In fact, that's what it's designed to do.  I have had no problems.


                      There are several workarounds/fixes for the potential start-up conflicts, if you even *have* a problem (which you might not),

                      1) Configure MBAM Pro NOT to load at Windows start-up and just start MBAM and its active protection module manually soon after your system boots (that's what I do).

                      2) Get a "registry hack" from the MBAM forum folks (at their forum) that will configure MBAM Pro active protection to load 1, 2 or _  minutes after booting.

                      3) Install WinPatrol, a good utility that, among other things, includes a feature that allows you to configure ANY program for "delayed start".


                      The bottom line is that, at least on my systems, MBAM Pro DOES play fine with McAfee (and my other suite).

                      I *do* go to the extra  trouble of avoiding "conflicts" at Windows startup and during installation of McAfee updates by BRIEFLY disabling MBAM active protection for these tasks.

                      But neither of these steps might be strictly "necessary".


                      The other thing is that MBAM Pro active protection is DEFINITELY worthwhile for layered security.

                      I am a VERY safe computer user, but MBAM has blocked several bad IPs that the McAfee firewall didn't catch, and it is designed to catch pests (esp rogues) that are missed by many of the major suites, including McAfee.

                      I definitely feel much safer with it.  (I use the blocked IPs from the MBAM log to add to McAfee's banned IP list, too.)

                      (They also have AWESOME forums for help with their program, malware detection/removal, etc.)


                      Hope this helps -- perhaps one of our trusty mods here will confirm the question about disabling WD???





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                        I will look into that.Especially with this problem on start up with Mcafee.I don`t know why windows keeps saying my antivirus is off and firewall is off.None of this makes any sense.hopefully someone know what the problrm is.

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                          Just updating this old thread  in case anyone finds this in a search locking it now. All comments and testing now here