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    routing by source



      I am installing the sidewinder in an environment with two service provider. And I looked at the documentation (admin guide) to make routing by source and not found anything anyone could tell me if the sidewinder makes routing by the source? I know that is through the parameter freebsd route-to but the sidewinder?

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          The Sidewinder cannot do source routing.  The routes on the Sidewinder are controlled by the 'cf static' command, meaning they are in a database.  This database is applied to the routing table when you make changes via the GUI or the 'cf' commands.


          The standard routing commands do work on the Sidewinder (e.g. 'route add' works), but they do not carry across reboots.  You can add routing commands to the /etc/rc.local file to have them carry across reboots.  I do not know if the route-to command will work on the Sidewinder or how it will interact with the routes pushed by the Sidewinder via the 'cf static' command (i.e. it may overwrite your 'route-to' routes or it may cause a conflict causing your traffic to stop working).

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            Hi sliedl, thank you for answering, you could tell me if the sidewinder would load-balancing between two interfaces?


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              It doesn't do load balancing between interfaces.

              If you want to do such things you have to use dedicated load balancers.



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                Hi, sliedl and oreeh,



                Yet about the origin by routing wanted to  test the command route-to command line but not the command or pfctl  ipfilter runs.


                Follows  the following rule


                pass in quick on em0 route-to (em0 proto tcp from to any port 80 flags S/SA modulate state


                em0 - interface outgoing,

       - gateway

       - lan network

                That and possible? know which utility can do this in FreeBSD  use pfctl-f /file where file contains the rules is there any way to do  this in sidewinder??







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