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    windows file protection and dat 5958

      should windows file protection have been able to protect computers from 5958 or does virusscan act as the os and bypass wfp?



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          WFP might hot have protected computers from the changes done by DAT 5958. This is because, WFP detects and attempts to replace the system files under certain directories only after a change has occurred. WFP might have been useful in restoring the functionality if the system boot up. In some occassions, a manual replacement of the svchost.exe from a similar XP SP3 system has worked.


          However, we have successfully overcome this error and included the changes in the DATs that followed. Current DAT version is 5962.


          Please see KB68787 for answers to frequently asked questions about the McAfee DAT 5958 False Positive Error.




          Also, kindly go through the information available at:




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