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    Pull task fails due to case sensitivity

      Using ePO version:


      We're having a problem with a Repository Pull task due to, what appears to be, a case sensitivity issue.

      Due to our required system layout, we create a “local source” repository on a Linux box by downloading (via the “wget –mirror” command) all the files under http://update.nai.com/Products/CommonUpdater/. Then our ePO server attempts to pull the AV definitions from the in-house linux box via FTP, but the Pull task fails. The first file ePO says doesn’t exist is actually there, it just can’t see it because the path to the file (and the file itself) is all lower case and ePO is expecting mixed case. When I rename the directories in the path and the file itself and re-run the Pull task, it will proceed just to fail on another file for the same reasons. Out of curiosity/frustration, I continued with this rename exercise for about 20 files (all the while knowing it was futile). Each time ePO would show a higher percent complete, but still fail because I got tired of renaming files.


      I’ve also tested installing patch 4, but it didn’t fix the issue.


      Just curious if anyone else has experienced this problem and know of a fix?


      Thanks in advance.