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    Hem Bihari Dubey NSH 4.6.4 Extended Support

      Good afternoon. We have been trying to contact you via email with no response. This is in regard to extended support offerings for 4.6.4, Novell. You had recommended to one of our customers that they contact Sales to purchase extended support. We have been in contact with McAfee sales who have said extneded support is not available. Please clarify.

      Thank you.

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          What is the SR number and give the sales details. I will speak.

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            SR # <3-863688333>.

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              This was your email to the customer to which McAfee Sales has said extended support is NOT AVAILABLE



              Thanks for contacting McAfee Gold support. This email is regarding SR # <3-863688333>.

              1. NSH 4.6.3 is using V1 DATs and since V1 DATs had reached its EOL (end of life) on 31st March 2010, so NSH 4.6.3 will not be able to pull the updates and the update will fail.

              2. We have build a new installer (version 4.6.4) that will work with V2 DATs and version 4.6.4 will reach its EOL at the end of this year (31st Dec 2010) and before this, we strongly recommend to move out of Netware platform.

              3. To get the installer version 4.6.4, you have to purchase the extended support. For details, please contact your sales representative.

              While replying please do not change the subject line & Reply to all as any attachments that you send would not get automatically attached to the service request.

              Best Regards,

              Hem Bihari Dubey
              Gold Support Engineer, Tier1
              McAfee Inc.

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                We have been trying for 9 days to get an answer, will this be forthcoming today? We are confuised that supprot is recommending something that Sales says is not available

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                       I have had the same issue.  This is my understanding of the situation.  4.6.4 exists but it is not something McAfee intended for general usage.  It was designed for customer with large deployments that were not able to migrate all thier machines by the end date.  I think tech support has been putting the sales team in a bad spot by stating 4.6.4 exits and leaving it up to the sale rep to explain that extended support is not a cheap or generally available.  That said this is my suggestion for you.  Get the answer to the following questions from your customer.  Then send to your sales rep and ask him/her to run it by the product management team for NS to see if they will provide guidance on getting extended support cost information for your customer.

                  How many servers are involved

                  Why have they not migrated so far

                  When will they be done migrating.