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    Emergency Email Notifications

      I just spent ten hours dealing (unknowingly) with the problem resulting from the bad virus signature file #5959 on a Win XP SP3 machine, unable to do any work on my main computer.  After all the Google reasearching I did, booting in Safe Mode, running a slew of anti-virus utilities, wouldn't it have been easier to get an email from Mcafee when they first noticed the problem?  Now I know that Mcafee has my email address and most probably the type and details of machine that I have their software installed on here.  So when this problem arose, why couldn't they send out a blast email informing all potential affected customers?  I had to read about this on Yahoo News!  That is unacceptable.  I should have heard about it first from Mcafee.

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          I  was thinking the same. It was only because they took down all our PC's at work that I had a hint that it was a Mcafee problem.


          How many people out there are about to reformat their machines beacuse they are unaware of this issue ? And how much wasted time  (7 hours in my case) ?


          Please get an e-mail out to your users so that they know about the problem.