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    DAT 5859 saga

      My laptop's been offline since yesterday afternoon. I discovered the instructions for downloading and installing the DAT Fix-it and followed those directions. I have some minor improvements to my computer, but I can't get online, can't update McAfee, etc. Security Center wants me to turn on "real time scanning," but I can't, of course.


      All of these various posts and strings are a bit confusing; I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be trying something else, or "hanging" tight for an hour or so?!


      Maybe a central folder of community can be created for this ridiculous state of events?


      I'll keep checking this community for updates. Thanks.

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          Please try to restart the computer and start tapping F8 key,
          From the windows advanced boot options menu select safe mode with networking – And check whether you are able to access internet ?

          If you are still unable to get online,  uninstall mcafee programs from control panel and then check the status.


          Dinesh K

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            Can't access internet in safe mode. Do I delete McAfee programs in safe mode or reboot and delete in normal mode?

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              You can still uninstall the programs in safe mode.


              1. Uninstall the programs from control panel

              2 . Browse to C:/program  files & common files and delete the mcafee folders


              Then try to access internet and update us on the status.




              Dinesh K

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                Can't access after uninstall, but I didn't reboot as prompted, either. Do you want me to reboot and try to access?

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                  Sure, by rebooting, all files and folders related to mcafee gets removed completely , by which we could determine whether if its caused by mcafee or any issues related to your internet connectivity . And even after restarting, if you are unable to get online , please get in touch with your internet service provider and check with your internet settings.





                  Dinesh K

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                    Still no connection, and I find it troubling and disappointing that McAfee, or it's argents, suggests passing along a problem it created to an ISP.

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                      This is sooo frustrating.  My desktop is at the point where the only thing it will do is to continually reboot.  I cannot get into SAFE mode--that choice results in a reboot, Last Known Good Config., etc., My ONLY options at present are to choose where I want the PC to boot from first, and setup.

                      How will McAfee fix this?????


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                        It seems my 8011 wireless LAN card has been fried. I'm no computer expert, and it seems strange that the bad DAT file could have fried it, but it's equally strange to say it's just a coincidence.