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    How to deploy av client with epo 3.6?



      I hope I can find help as complete newbie. I overtook a server (Windows Server 2003) with McAfee anti virus products, my task is to install some new XP-Prof-Clients to network. On the server are running some McAfee products, it took me a while to find out that Epolicy Manager seems to be the right tool for remote installing of clients. It took me hours now to work on this, but there seems to be no chance to find out.


      Could someone please help with a short step by step advice how to use this epo program (or the Antivirus GUI) to deploy virus scanners to clients? If you use terms like "agent" or "check in package" please bear in mind that I don't know exactly that an "agent" is the complete software needed by a client to be protected and that "check in" means installing a scanner on a client or just loading a package for deployment onto the server.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Your best bet is to grab a very strong coffee and read through the 'ePO 3.6.x Walkthrough Guide' - Support article PD20047 found in the Knowledge base search here:



          Please bear in mind though that this version of ePO is no longer supported by McAfee, you may be better served upgrading to ePO 4.5 first.





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            thanks a lot. That makes me anxious: there are clients without protection - and I have to work  through manuals to protect them. What software is this???


            I also tried to upgrade, but I could not find any. I worked through KB articels to find out, where to look what the current patch level is. I found out, but there were no download links in these documents. I tried to get into an upgrade page, but they ask for any grant numbers I don't know. And any usual download page for product upgrades I could not find. Do you know whether I'm qualified to update from 3.6.1 to 4.5 without cost and where to find such update?


            Thanks so much not leaving me alone with this product,




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              You can have  a look at this post here for a start:



              You ideally, as mentioned, want to setup a new ePO 4.5 server and import your policies into that.


              and I have to work  through manuals to protect them. What software is this???:-)

              the kind that requires at least a little bit of understanding of how it works- If you don't know what agents are or packages then -RTM!


              You can download the products from here:



              You will need to contact the person you bought the software from to find out your grant number/ or contact McAfee sales for your region and they should be able to find out the details.



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                Hi jmcleish,


                I have to admitt that I'm totaly stunned by your answer. I want to protect just a few clients from viruses within an existing antivirus network system and you just tell me to write my own virus protection software!? You tell me that I have to know what any software company understands in "agent" and "package". You tell me that I should phone around the world to find out any number JUST FOR OBTAINING SOME SOFTWARE UPDATES??? Usually in my company they use another anti virus network solution, where you just klick on the button "deploy" and then you are asked for the name of the client. One button! And where there is a download section on the manufacturers homepage for updates like it is on every web site of any software distributor!!


                Im totally stunned being told to work for about two days to make some additional clients safe - and to read the manual!!


                Thanks anyway, I guess you're not to blame personally. You should read the links you provide, jmcleish, especially the explanation of why McAfee products are not updatable is nearly comedic!!


                I have to look around for a solution now. May be I just install Security Essentials for free and wait until McAfee products are removed.




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                  Hi rackroyd,


                  I cannot see this document, because they want any number I don't have. I'm trying to find another solution now as soon as possible - before I get fired because NO ONE WILL BELIEVE ME HAVING TO WORK A WHOLE DAY JUST FOR SECURING THREE CLIENT COMPUTERS!


                  Thanks for input and regards,


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                    That's not actually what I said. I suggested you actually learn a bit about the product you are trying to support and deploy.


                    If you are unwilling to put some effort into learning about the products then I suggest you get a consultant in to help you.


                    Best of luck in your endeavors.

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                      > That's not actually what I said.




                      you linked a document that frankly says nothing else than that it is impossible to come out of the situation I am stuck in ("do this and that, but only if you did this and that, but bear in mind that this and that will not work - and some of the updates you need for the "update path" you will not get, because they are EOL and you have no password anyway"). This is the most absurd document I ever read in my entire IT life.


                      > If you are unwilling to put some effort into learning about the products


                      This is really harsh, I don't know what your job is, jmcleish. In my company, with my clients they allow me half an hour for installing an antivirus client on a networked computer, and if it is a centrally managed deployment solution they give me an additional hour for learning the how to. But one, two or three days??? You really cannot advocate the throwing of any garbage on the market and afterwards say with a smiling "Understand it if you're a supporter"!


                      I did not ask for the job of supporting this particular LAN, I did not know about this sleeping bomb, I just see now why nobody was willing to support this client - because of his McAfee software! And now I just see that this could cost me my job!




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                        HI Karl,


                        If you speak to our customer service team i'm sure they will do their best to validate the state of your account.

                        It will help if you can lay hands on any paperwork that may have been recieved in this respect that might have an account number, entitlement or grant ID.

                        To qualify for upgrades you do need a valid grant ID i'm afraid, and if it has lapsed then your options are limited on that front, you would need to renew.


                        As i'm sure you are coming to realise ePO does have a steep learning curve i'm afraid, but when you do get used to it it's a very powerful tool.

                        You may find the McAfee TOPS product more suitable as this is a subscription service remotely managed by McAfee.

                        I've attached the relevant datasheet in case you are interested. I believe it may even have a free 30 day trial.


                        Kind Regards,